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Save your time and money by hiring a professional virtual assistant.

Save time, reduce workload and stress.
Save 70% per employee.
Work on your business, not in it.

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Imagine what you could do for your business,

if you just had more time!

From simple tasks like;

data-entry and updating your database

to more time consuming ones like;

customer support, general
administration and Digital Design,

Utilize VA can cover it all

Utilizeva.Com's Team Of Virtual Assistants

Have A Wide Variety Of Skillsets That They Are Experts In.

This Means That There Is No Task That The Team Can't Handle.

You can build an entire team of Virtual Assistants with us and have your team work within the same office. In other companies, travel arrangements is handled by a different team, customer support and data entry by yet another team, making remote staff management a headache. Be in control of your remote VA team with us.

hiring an assistant

how it works


Choose your assistant

In choosing your assistant you will first be looking into which workload you want reduced. Once you know what services you want to outsource you choose which Virtual Assistant you like that has these services you’re looking for.


Contact your assistant

Now that you know which Assistant you want to hire for a project/part-time/full-time you can reach out through our forms on either top or bottom of this website, there you will fill out your information and describe what you need. If the assistant you want is available a skype call will be scheduled. 


enjoy your assistant wherever you go

Now that you’ve hired your own Virtual Assistant you tell them how you want the services run and with our quick learners and with wast experiance in our services you can rest assured that the workload is in good hands and you can now focus on working on your business and not in it.

Why choose us

We provide

Swedish quality

If you've ever heard of Ikea you've also heard of Swedish Quality.
We pride ourselves in high quality execution of each and every service we provide. And will have you rest assured the job is taken care of with your company's highest interest in mind.

Hard working

When we first started out in the Virtual Assistant service's four years ago, we had already known the weight of work ethic and what joy it can bring to both our business and yours, therefor we make it our top priority to vet and hire the best VA's in the business to do the job for you.

24/7 availability

Most of our clients are from the U.S, Canada, Australia and the UK. So we work with alot of different timezones.
We have therefor hired, not only the best but also VA's that work flexible hours.
We always have the best you can get available for your timezone.

We asked some of our clients what the think about us and their Assistant.

What does our clients say?

"I hired my first Virtual Assistant from UtilizeVA back in 2017 and I still hire her for projects every now and again."
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
"I am very happy with my VA. He's got good work-ethics and I would definetely recommend Utilize VA!"
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
"Very much appreciative of the service you get once I hired my assistant through here, and before hiring my VA I wasnt too sure about going Virtual. 10/10"
Håkan Anderssen
Director at Dynamic

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